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Working together is a cornerstone of Dru. As a profit-for-purpose social enterprise, our ethos is very strongly about giving back to society—and our volunteers stand at the heart of everything we do and offer out into the world.

For the yoga enthusiast, it's a way of taking yoga off the mat and into everyday life (also referred to as 'seva' or 'karma yoga').

Over many years we've discovered that working together as a team for a greater purpose can add a huge amount of meaning to life. 

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

"As you begin to study with Dru you start to feel you are part of something special.
By volunteering you become truly part of this community.
Through our spiritual practice we grow to understand how beautiful it is to gift our time and commitment to serve others.
As volunteers, to begin with, we think we are doing this for others, but in reality the gift is also to ourselves."

Daniela Pala
Yoga & meditation teacher


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