Dru Yoga Healthy Back Programme

Healthy Back Programme

The Healthy Back Programme offers a safe, effective and proven solution to prevent and treat back pain.

Designed by expert physiotherapists, osteopaths and yoga therapists, this programme offers a safe, effective and proven solution to prevent and treat back pain.  

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Safe and effective
  • Easy-to-learn techniques

In the workplace

When delivered in or near the workplace, the Healthy Back Programme usually consists of a series of eight, one-hour sessions facilitated by a qualified Healthy Back instructor who has completed a 200 hour training course. In addition to the weekly sessions, participants receive a DVD and illustrated guide so they can practice at home.



Dru Yoga Healthy Back Programme dvd

The Healthy Back dvd for home practice

Healthy Back DVD

The Healthy Back DVD guides participants through two easy-to-learn programmes, which includes therapeutic stretches and postures to ease back pain and relieve stress. 

The Healthy Back DVD offers:
•    Essential training in core stability (4 minutes)
•    Healthy Back Programme 1 – Stretch and Relax (30 minutes)
•    Healthy Back Programme 2 – Stretch and Tone (50 minutes)



Deb Ryan - teaching cat posture

The Healthy Back Programme:

Creates flexibility in the spine and trains core muscles keeping employees productive and pain-free.


Employee benefits

The Healthy Back Programme is for organisations with employees who experience back pain, stiffness and who want to remain mobile and pain free. If your staff spend long hours sitting at a desk, driving or doing work that creates tightness in specific muscles, then this programme is for you.

The Healthy Back Programme stretches and strengthens the muscles along the spine, releases tension and mobilises the back.  Participants often experience benefits throughout their whole body. Through regular practice, the Healthy Back Programme can reduce back pain and stress, improve vitality and increase confidence. It’s a tried and tested programme shown to be highly effective for keeping employees productive and pain-free.


How much time is needed?

With just a few minutes of practice each day, employees can experience enormous benefits, regardless of whether they have a history of chronic back pain or simply want to learn an easy to follow formula to maintain a strong and healthy back.


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Dr Peter Oliver

Consultant Occupational Health Physician

This programme should be available in every workplace

Employer benefits

Clinical trials with employees in several different settings have shown that the Healthy Back Programme reduces back pain and perceived stress, and also improves well-being and resilience to stress.  

The complete research results can be viewed on-line at:


Healthy Back Programme reduces sickness absence days for NHS employees

In addition, a recent research study with 150 NHS employees showed that the Healthy Back Programme reduced sickness absence days caused by back pain and musculoskeletal conditions.





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