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Healthy Back Programme

Welcome to one of the world's first evidence-based yoga programmes for preventing and relieving back pain!

This programme has been designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapists and GP's. Its simple, easy-to-do exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles along your spine, release tension and leave you feeling great!

John Jones easing back pain in the Healthy Back Programme

Takes only 10 minutes a day...

With just a few minutes of practice each day, you can experience significant benefits, regardless of whether you have a history of chronic back pain or simply want to learn an easy-to-follow formula to maintain a strong and healthy back.

Ready to achieve a strong & healthy back?

Within 10 minutes, you can start dramatically improving your life.

  • Access your online programme
  • Over 20 video clips with expert guidance
  • Core stability, stretching, strengthening and seated programme
  • Simple techniques you can start right away
  • Proven in clinical trials to be effective for reducing back pain

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Tried and tested with

Healthy Back Programme tried and tested with Barclays, NHS, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Siemens, Bangor University, Santander


Dr Alex Barnacle

Consultant Paediatric Radiologist

My back has felt a lot easier since getting into the exercises. In particular, I did a case in theatre on Thursday which I do every couple of weeks—it takes a good couple of hours and involves wearing a heavy lead apron and standing in a very awkward position. Usually my back is screaming by the end. But last week, I was pain-free at the end. Extraordinary. Thank you!

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