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Dru Sound & Mantra course

Dru Sound & Mantra course

Dru Sound & Mantra course

This sound and mantra certificated course consists of 4 residential modules over 2 years.

  • Dru Sound training manual
  • Tutor support and facilitation
  • Optional extra 1–1 training



What can the Dru Sound & Mantra course do for me?

If you've ever felt as though you can't sing, this course will help you to find your natural voice and teach you how to project yourself vocally whether speaking or singing. You will learn how to stabilise your voice, develop voice control, evenness of sound and how to project your voice with confidence, power and impact. You will gain confidence in communication skills, and both public speaking and performance singing.


During the course you will learn:

Julie Willis - Dru meditation teacher

Find your voice and who You are

Vocal power and voice projection

  • Anatomy and physiology of the voice and ear
  • The Dru sound freedom technique
  • Sacred powers of sound  
  • Dru master sounds
  • Chanting and mantra and group singing
  • The importance of breath and breathing exercises
  • Deep listening skills
  • An introduction to Indian raga
  • Vocal harmonics and pure tones
  • The principles of resonance and entrainment
  • The principles of, rhythm, melody and harmony
  • Meditation, movement & sound
  • The sounds of the chakras, their power and importance
  • Healing with sound
  • Pitch and timbre and voice stabilisation
  • Performance singing (optional)


Coby Langford sunset

Dru Sound course

Unlock your vocal potential

Find your voice and who You are

Your voice reflects your own unique personality. The sound you make and the way you use your voice reflects your self image, which is why it is so valuable to learn how to realise the full potential of your natural voice. You will discover your own resonant tone and develop a personal practice to help you to develop full power in your voice. You will learn deep listening skills, essential breathing exercises, and the principles of resonance, entrainment, sacred sound and chanting.

You will learn the art of toning and harmonics to develop the power of the voice as an instrument. There is a strong focus on chanting and sacred sound as well as learning sacred prayers to empower your life. There is a science to learning the power of sacred words and mantras to help to heal your emotions, empower creativity and greatly increase self-esteem. Students are also given the opportunity to learn performance singing although this is optional. 


The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the universe.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Dru Sound freedom technique and master sounds

The course teaches the Dru Sound Freedom Technique – a unique combination of yoga kriya and power sounds designed to unlock your vocal potential. In your progression towards mastery of sound as part of a carefully guided programme, you will have access to the Dru Master Sounds which form the key to opening up your energy system in relation to your own unique expression of sound. 





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