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Meet the team

Meet the team

We're a highly experienced team of yoga and health care professionals and we're really looking forward to sharing our experience and knowledge wih you on the Ignite your Dreams tour!

Mansukh Patel

Mansukh Patel

Mansukh is an inspired author, subject of 49 documentaries and sought after motivational speaker whose approach to successful living is as simple as it is unique. His life is dedicated to helping others ignite their passion and fulfill their personal aspirations.  He has travelled extensively throughout the world over the last 30 years, gathering and distilling effective techniques and sharing wisdom that empower people to reach their full potential.

Savitri MacCuish

Savitri MacCuish

Savitri is a global ambassador of peace, international speaker, retreat leader and author. Savitri trains people around the world in authentic leadership and management skills. She is one of the pioneers of the Dru's war-zone detraumatisation work and is director of the World Peace Flame Foundation and Dru Netherlands.

Andrew Wells

Andrew Wells

Andrew is an international teacher trainer, author and inspirational seminar leader as well as co-director of Dru Australia. He has taught Dru yoga in more than 30 countries on six continents including war-zone detraumatisation programmes. He has authored a number of videos, books and audio products on self-help approaches to personal empowerment and healing emotional pain.

Trish Brown

Trish Brown

Trish is co-director of Dru Australia and senior tutor on the Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training courses. She combines her expertise as a highly respected natural health professional with Dru yoga presenting at international workshops, conferences and retreats creating a successful holistic approach to Body/Heart/Mind wellbeing. Trish is a freelance writer on yoga philosophy and is passionately involved in global humanitarian peace projects.


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Chandra Goswami

Chandra is director of Dru Scotland and serves on the Dru curriculum committee. She has facilitated courses, retreats and workshops in the UK, Europe, Asia, North America and Australasia. A senior Dru trainer and consultant for 16 years, Chandra combines authentic wisdom and clarity to create success in all areas including health & wellbeing, relationships, abundance and time management.


Nanna Coppens

Nanna began teaching Dru Yoga 20 years ago and is a senior tutor, both in the UK and Europe, on Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher training courses as well as on post-graduate Dru training courses. She is also passionate about mantra and music, yantra and the health aspects of yoga and ayurveda. Nanna has a unique gift for making ancient yoga philosophy both practical and accessible. 


Petra Opsteeg

Petra has been a teacher trainer of Dru Yoga for 16 years and is based at the Dru Centre in North Wales. She has led chanting groups for 23 years and conducted sound workshops in Europe, India and Australia. Petra is passionate about the Yoga of Sound and is a senior tutor on Dru Sound course both in the UK and Australia. She loves to explore the effects of sound on the subtle anatomy of the body.  


Jes Scharbow

Jes is co-director of Dru Australia and has over 18 years experience as an international yoga teacher and presenter in India, UK and Australia.   Jes combines her previous corporate business skills, personal development knowledge and yoga therapy with her extensive Dru training. She is also the main pioneer of Dru Dance in Australia.

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Coby Rebecca Langford

Coby, the creator of the Dru Yoga online studio, combines osteopathy and yoga to provide home programmes for self-management of back pain. With 12 years experience, Coby has spread her knowledge and expertise across the UK and Europe, in lectures, workshops and by writing regular health articles. Coby teaches on many of our events and post grad courses throughout the UK.


Noelene Francis

Noelene is co-director of Dru Australia, senior international tutor on the Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher training courses, and pioneered the Dru Sound Course in Australia. Noelene brings her extensive experience in the worlds of yoga, corporate training and public performance to leading workshops on Dru Yoga, meditation and the yoga of sound, and appears on Dru DVDs and CDs.


Mouli MacKenzie

Mouli has been practicing yoga for over 30 years, and teaches internationally on the Dru Yoga, Meditation and Dance teacher training courses. An award winning book designer, she is also part of the Dru international publications team and heads the Dru graphics team in Australia. Mouli offers relaxing , detoxing and reenergising therapies, is studying various forms of Ayurvedic massage, mentors people to help them overcome emotional blocks, and also runs relaxing weekend retreats on the south coast.


Alina Hughes

Alina is passionate about helping people to live optimal purposeful lives through the use of yoga, meditation and other techniques. She is a tutor on Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses in Australia and has taught on Dru Yoga retreats and workshops in Australia, the UK and Europe. Alina has extensive experience conducting personal and career development programmes designed to help people clarify their direction, achieve their goals and practicalise their spirituality.

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Astoria Barr

Astoria spearheads PR and Marketing within Dru Australia after experience in media, project management and alternative therapies. She has written articles on the transformative power of Dru for national health & wellbeing magazines. Astoria enjoys teaching yogic philosophy and spirituality. But she has recently become known for her skills in teaching chair yoga and yoga with modifications as she has used Dru as part of her own recovery program after a life changing car crash.


Suzanna Thell

Suzanna has successfully married her Diploma of Dru Yoga with her Bachelor of Education (early childhood) in a way that offers Dru’s transformational tools to children, teachers in education and to post-natal women. She established her business The Yoga Garden focusing on these areas, sowing seeds of how to be in the world with an open heart. Suzanna supports Dru teacher training courses, events and projects, balancing this with her yoga teaching and family life.


Anouschka Dack

Anouschka is a Dru Yoga teacher trainer in the UK and combines her love of dance and movement into fun activations and flowing sequences and Dru Dance. Anouschka is a skilled Cranio-Sacral and massage therapist with over 10 years experience. Along with Andrew Wells, Anouschka is co-ordinating the relaunch of several of our Dru web sites including Dru Yoga Online - enabling the incredible message of Dru Yoga to reach out across the world.


Joan Klink

Joan manages the Graphics, PR and Marketing department at Dru Netherlands. And as a yoga teacher she supports Dru teacher training courses, events and retreats. Joan has worked with young people for 30 years, including as a mentor, and in 2004 she developed the first Dru Kids & Teenager course in The Netherlands. The World Peace Flame that captured her heart early on is the other Dru project, which she has worked with intensively.


Andre Hartwich

André is co-director of Dru Switzerland and a senior international tutor of Yoga and Meditation. For over 17 years he has been bridging leading personal development methodologies with ancient yogic teachings in corporate environments and yoga events around the world. His teaching is infused with humor as he guides his students to discover a liberating sense of profound stillness within. As a coach, mentor and Dru teacher he helps his students to live their dreams with clarity and an open and full heart.


Annabel McLisky

Annabel is a senior tutor on Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation Teacher Training courses in Australia, and has been teaching yoga since 1978 in Australia, London and Copenhagen.  She is also a practicing psychologist and mediator. Annabel has a special interest in combining yoga and psychology for physical and emotional healing, and teaches workshops on Trauma Sensitive Yoga to mental health clinicians and yoga teachers. 

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Deb Ryan

Deb is a tutor on the Dru yoga teacher training courses. She has been teaching Dru yoga since 2001 and Dru meditation since 2009. Deb is interested in combining TFH kinesiology with Dru yoga to create the perfect personalised individual yoga program.


Shirley Campbell

Shirley teaches on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses and enjoys teaching in community classes, in corporate and academic environments, also in the gym and for the elderly and those with disabilities. With an early career as a university lecturer, she now works as a shiatsu therapist and runs a successful complementary health practice in Canberra.


Ruth Rohan-Jones

Ruth is a tutor on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Courses and a Corporate facilitator in Management and Leadership training, specialising in Emotional Intelligence. With a background in science teaching, natural therapies, leadership and management, Ruth’s passion is integrating these diverse fields to facilitate others to understand, grow, realise their true potential and align with their purpose in life.

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Jacqueline Carlin

Jacqueline supports Dru teacher training courses, events, retreats and global peace projects in Australia, the UK, Europe and India. She successfully combines her love of Dru with a management career in government and raising a family. Jacqueline has taught Dru yoga in both community and corporate environments for 10 years, and especially enjoys mentoring to help people develop themselves and apply the wisdom of Dru to real life challenges.


Angela Baker

Angela has been an environmental campaigner, educator, intrepid traveller and seeker. In all these endeavours, she has searched for the best tools to help people transform themselves and the world. Angela believes Dru is by far the most effective and enjoyable approach she has experienced. She loves that she can take students on a simple journey that leaves them feeling refreshed, inspired and changed!


Katharina Albers

Having firmly established Dru in Zurich, Switzerland, Katharina is passionate about teaching her students Dru Yoga, Dru Meditation and Ayurveda as essential elements of a balanced lifestyle. She organises and teaches on Dru events, retreats and courses in Switzerland and is also part of the team teaching on the Dru Ayurveda Certificate Course and the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Courses in North Wales.


Sue Cleaver

Sue is now very busy Coordinating Dru In New Zealand. Sue has had the vision for offering a Dru Yoga Teacher Training course in New Zealand ever since she first came across Dru in 2000. She graduated in 2005 and has been teaching and sharing Dru Yoga with New Zealanders for 13 years now. This October the NZ course started in Nelson. Sue also spends as much time as she can supporting at events and Yoga and Meditation Teacher Trainings in Australia. She welcomes every opportunity to bring more integrity into people's lives and to help them become more present and at peace within themselves.

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