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Secrets of the Soul

Yogic Wisdom and the Bhagavad Gita
3rd - 5th December 2021

This unique weekend is a deep dive into the essence of Yoga philosophy for self-transformation through the lens of the Bhagavad Gita. 

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Tune in from home and join yogis from across the world for master classes, live-streamed yoga, retreats and broadcasts from the Dru Center in Snowdonia.

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Dru Yoga and Meditation are unique in their approach to holistic wellness. They approach the whole person, not just the physical. We often work with the model of the 5 koshas which bring balance to your physical, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual layers through posture (asana) sequences, mudras and pranayama (breathwork).

Clinically proven to reduce back pain, stress and anxiety as well as increase physical wellbeing empowerment Dru has the tools to help you discover the next steps on your yoga journey.

Dru Yoga 

Go deeper and explore the practices you've been taught in 3x half-day live sessions.

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Dru Meditation 

Go deeper and explore the practices you've been taught in 3x half-day live sessions.

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Dru Ayurveda 

Feel totally in control of your health: energised, balanced and empowered.

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Whether you're looking for a quick 5 min recharge or a Sunday morning deep and meaningful - Dru Online has the perfect class for you.

Dru's unique style of scientifically proven and emotionally transformative yoga is taught by our top international tutors many of whom have been practising Dru for over 30 years. 

Are you ready to feel empowered, inspired and connected? 

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