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For Employers

For Employers

Delivered in the workplace, the Healthy Back Programme consists of a series of one-hour sessions facilitated by qualified Healthy Back instructors. Instructor-led sessions are supported by the Healthy Back Online Programme and illustrated poster for ongoing home practice.

Healthy Back Programme gives 20-fold reduction in sickness days due to back pain

Sickness absence reduced by 95%


Recent research shows that employees who practise the Healthy Back Programme over six months experience far fewer sickness absence days due to back pain and musculoskeletal conditions, resulting in considerable cost-savings for employers.

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Improve the wellbeing of your staff

Three separate research studies have shown that the Healthy Back Programme, developed from Dru Yoga, improves the mental and physical health of employees in the workplace.

Participants report sleeping better, feeling more calm and relaxed, and having more self-awareness.

98% of the participants in the workplace say they would 'definitely' recommend the Healthy Back Programme to their colleagues.


Dru Yoga for NHS staff graph showing large decrease in back pain



Research shows that an 8 week Healthy Back Programme 

significantly reduces back pain.

Even after 6 months the benefits are still experienced.


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