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Designed by physiotherapists, osteopaths, yoga therapists and GP's, the Healthy Back Programme brings you one of the world's first evidence based yoga programmes for preventing and relieving back pain!

Clinical trials in large organisations have shown that the Healthy Back Programme reduces back pain and while improving wellbeing and resilience to stress.

  • 90% users report less back pain
  • 97% recommended the programme
  • Workplaces report a 20-fold decrease in back-pain / musculoskeletal sickness-absence
  • Half as many back-pain-related visits to health professionals
  • More than 90% improvement in self-confidence during stress
  • 80% improvement in energy levels

Dru Yoga techniques which have been researched and reported in several clinical trials:

Yoga research graph showing yoga for improving wellbeing and decreasing stress

Healthy Back Programme

reduces stress


Delivered in the workplace, research shows that the Healthy Back Programme reduces fatigue, stress, hostility and sadness, while improving serenity, happiness, self-assuredness and attentiveness.


Click here for the full research paper





Healthy back programme creates strong effects on wellbeing

Healthy Back Programme

improves wellbeing

The Healthy Back Programme in the workplace also leads to improvements in feeling composed, clear minded, elated, energised, agreeable, confident in dealing with stress and satisfied with life.


Click here for the full research paper



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