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Based in North Wales the Healthy Back programme has been created and refined by a expert team of health professionals consisting of occupational health physicians, GPs, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Yoga therapists and University researchers.

Ned Hartfield, Director, Healthy Back Programme

Dr Ned Hartfiel

Ned is a leading researcher on yoga in the workplace. He is the director of Healthy Back Programme and a researcher at Bangor University. Ned has published several scientific research papers on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of Dru Yoga for reducing stress and back pain.

Kate Carter, nurse with the Healthy Back Programme and Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Kate Carter

Kate is a senior nurse practitioner at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. She is also a yoga therapist, back care specialist and yoga teacher trainer at the Dru International Training Centre in North Wales and elsewhere in the UK.

 May Ritchie

May Ritchie

May is an instructor of yoga therapy at the Dru International Training Centre in North Wales. May's own story is next to miraculous, having used yoga, meditation, and visualisation to bring her from being wheelchair-bound, to an exceptional yoga therapist specialising in restorative yoga for pain relief.

Dr Peter Oliver, consultant with the Healthy Back Programme

Dr Peter Oliver

Peter is an independent consultant occupational health physician and adviser to large public and private sector organisations. As a qualified Dru Yoga instructor, Peter advises patients in the workplace to use yoga-based techniques to improve physical and psychological health conditions.

Coby Langford, Osteopath with the Healthy Back Programme and Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Rebecca Langford

Rebecca is a trained osteopath and Dru Yoga teacher trainer. She is the director of Soothe Clinic and has worked extensively with premier league footballers, providing an effective holistic approach to preventing and treating back pain. 

Ruth Boaler, Physiotherapist with the Healthy Back Programme and Senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Ruth Boaler

Ruth is a senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer and NHS Physiotherapist in the West Midlands. As a physiotherapist and yoga therapist, Ruth has helped hundreds of people to regain the freedom to move and to learn how to care for their body.

Dr Jane Fitzgerald

A NHS doctor for more than 30 years, Jane is also a Dru Yoga therapist and teacher trainer. She runs classes for doctors, helping them to manage stress, improve their health, and understand the value of yoga in improving overall wellbeing.

Frani Wilde, physiotherapist with the Healthy Back Programme and Dru Yoga teacher trainer

Frani Wilde

A senior physiotherapist and Dru Yoga teacher trainer in Australia, Frani has helped thousands of people regain spinal strength and mobility, enabling full natural movement.  She has extensive knowledge of body mechanics and a practical and highly effective approach to preventing and treating back pain.

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Ned Hartfiel

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Avatar daffodil



I cannot recommend the Healthy Back Programme highly enough. I am not a fan of rigorous exercise, but these are gentle and easy to do and their effect on my back pain has been amazing. I have had problems with my lower back and with the trapezius muscle for a long time, which even painkillers would not help, but i am now largely pain-free and far more flexible than I have been in years. I would urge anyone to give it a go. What do you have to lose?.

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