Earth care retreat

22 September, 2019

Join our experienced Eco Yoga team for 3 days at our mountain retreat centre in Snowdonia National Park.

We will take time to deepen our connection and awareness of the sacred earth we walk upon using Dru Yoga, meditation, relaxation practices and attunement.

This alignment is crucial to our evolution and the health and sustained life of the planet we live on.

The day will start with sunrise yoga, meditation and a walk, to tune into the earth. Sunrise is the most potent time to meditate according to indigenous people. Weather permitting, we will be outside for much of our practice.

During the retreat we will discover our relationship with all of creation. The earth is a made up of the 5 elements Fire, Air, Ether, Earth and Water and so are we.

When we balance the 5 elements we connect easily and understand everything around us, including each other. In this place we make the right choices for ourselves and all those around us. 

We will explore many practical ways to create a balanced happy environment at home and in our hearts and minds and how this can affect the earth, forests, oceans and the wildlife we share the planet with. 

Together we can make huge changes in our communities, to climate change and the legacy we leave to future generations.


The full cost of this weekend retreat is £395 in en-suite shared accommodation, including all tuition, food, refreshments and accommodation.

If you would like a single room the cost is £465 for the weekend retreat.

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Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 17:00
Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 14:00