Dru Yoga class with John Jones     Dru Yoga class with John Jones


Postgrad - The 5 koshas: a Dru Yoga masterclass in the South West, Apr 2019

20 April, 2019

This Dru Yoga masterclass for yoga teachers follows Padma's highly successful and enjoyable masterclass in March 2018

The application of the 5 koshas in your yoga teaching

In the ancient science of yoga the philosophers/scientists came to know that the gross and subtle bodies are just layers surrounding our real nature. Making a change in any of these layers will have an effect on the other layers, just as ripples flow out across a pool. 

Deepen your understanding and application of the five koshas both in your personal practice and in your teaching. During the masterclass we will explore many of your well known and well loved postures. Performed with a heightened awareness of the koshas they take on a whole new depth.

During the workshop we will work with some practical exercises to apply our understanding of the kosha model - the five layers of human experience - to enhance and deepen our own and our students' experience.

This masterclass is open to Dru Yoga teachers and BWY teachers. So don’t miss this opportunity to be with international Dru Yoga trainer, Padma McIntyre. We look forward to seeing you all!


For Dru Yoga teachers, this workshop receives 6 CPD points

About Padma

Padma has been training Dru Yoga teachers for around 30 years and also specialises in post graduate courses in back care and prenatal yoga. She is one of the senior Dru team leading the advanced Dru Yoga therapy course and travels to Australia to deliver this course as well as around the UK.


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Prices and booking

£45       Full price

£40       DPN 

£40       BWY members




Saturday, April 20, 2019 - 10:00