Dru Yoga: Caring for Your Back

4 May, 2019

95% of us in the UK experience back pain at some point in our life, whether it’s lower, middle or upper back/neck. Most pain can be managed through movement, and Dru’s therapeutic approach has proved highly successful as shown in our yoga research for back pain.

If you have experienced back pain or are a yoga teacher, this workshop will be vitally helpful for you. It will give you tools to:

  • ease the body with a series of simple movements
  • recognise the postural habits that may be leading to discomfort, and how to change them
  • identify mental and/or emotional tendencies we have, where in the spine we hold them and what to do to ease them

This workshop will focus on the therapeutic approach of Dru Yoga, using simple, highly effective movements and techniques. Experience ease, flexibility and an awareness of what you can do for yourself and others when it comes to back care. 

Prices and booking

Cost: £35

DPN: £30 




Saturday, May 4, 2019 - 13:30