Dru Yoga workshop

11 May, 2019

Dru yoga workshop in Bath

Journey through the layers of your being, to find the still point with you” Are you seeking inner stillness?

This yoga workshop will take you on a journey through the Koshas the layers of your being, to help you find your “still point”, the deep inter stillness that resides within us.

Dru Yoga is specifically designed to help you access your still point.

The workshop will include:

postures; sequences; breath work; relaxation; meditation and mudras.

•    We will work with a subtle flowing sequence - using movement, breath, visualisation and affirmation to help you journey deeper to find your still point;

•    We will explore how stronger more dynamic yoga, gives us the energy, vitality and dynamism to live and empowered life from that point of stillness;

•    You will experience how relaxation, meditation and mudras can help us on this journey and deepen our experience of stillness and inner power.


Prices and booking

Cost: £35




Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 12:00