Meditation course Try Out - Jan 2019

26 January, 2019

An experience of Dru Meditation

Experience the power of Dru meditation techniques

Find calmness, tranquility, focus, concentration and inner strength


Find out if the Dru Meditation training course is for you!

These workshops are hugely enjoyable and practical, exploring basic principles that create a successful meditation practice. Meet the tutors and get all your questions answered about the 4-day Foundation Course & the more indepth Dru Meditation Training Course.

Regular experience of deep meditation creates profound change which benefits many aspects of our lives. Dru Meditation is about finding a still inner point from which you can look at the world in a different way and discover a fresh, new perspective on your life.

This course has been designed as a powerful transformational journey that provides you with the tools to examine and transform ways of being that you find unhelpful so that you can engage with your life in a positive and successful way.

It takes you deeply into the science of meditation showing how to bring your awareness from the physical body, through to the deepest layers of your being. It’s a systematic approach to working with the five koshas, which are the different levels through which we express ourselves in the world.


The next Dru Meditation training course in London, with the option to train to teach Dru Meditation, will start in November 2018.


For more information call 01372 725327
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prices & booking

10.00am - 5.00pm

Cost: £60



Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 10:00